Talisa 2013 Motorbabes Calendar Shoot

Gorgeous Talisa was a stand out in 2013 with her glam look. She was caught stepping out of a superb example of a Mustang that really turned heads!

Amy 2012 Motorbabes Calendar Shoot

The stunning Amy really made a great impression alongside an awesome Custom made Cobra. Click here to see more from this shoot...

Patrece 2012 Motorbabes Calendar Shoot

Patrece decided it was time to give the Eyecandy drift cars a bit of a clean. Of course she got a little carried away... Click here to see the outcome!

Naomi 2014 Motorbabes Calendar Shoot

Naomi certainly added some sexy class to the Calendar in 2014. Make sure you dont miss out on this pic!

Lisa 2012 Motorbabes Calendar Shoot

Lisa made a huge impact in 2012 with her long legs and sexy look. Have a look at a few images from her month.

Bella Maree 2013 Motorbabes Calendar Shoot

Bella created plenty of sparks to start a storm. Have a look at her electrifying pic here!

Motorbabes Themed Shoot for Carly

Motorbabes through Sinch Creative Photography offer themed shoots to ladies who want to have a similar look as a Calendar shoot! Carly is a past Motorbabes model who took up the chance to have a stylized shoot just recently, click to see the pics!

Nicky's 2014 Motorbabes Calendar Shoot

Alonside a classic Lamborghini Countach, the smoking hot Nicky showed us that she means business! Go in for a closer look!


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